Relationship Counselling Melbourne

Relationship counselling is a form of counselling that can help the two individuals who are in relationship to help explore, work through and manage their individual and relational concerns and difficulties in a non-judgmental and trusting environment.

Different to individual counselling and psychotherapy, relationship counselling can often be a more dynamic and active process for both the therapist and the individuals involved.

Through our work together, we can discuss and take a closer examination of the strengths and the weakness in your relationship and together, we can find ways to work on and work through the difficulties that are causing problems in your relationship.

Relationship Counselling Melbourne

The most important thing to remember is that relationships are a reciprocal in nature and the same can be said for therapeutic process in couples counselling as well. 

As it takes each person in the relationship to contribute to the difficulties in the relationship, it also takes both parties to contribute in the counselling process to help work through their relationship concerns and difficulties.

This can be a sometimes difficult but ultimately rewarding process that can be invaluable for both people in the relationship and the relationship as a whole.

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