Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy


The fees for individual sessions are on a sliding scale based on Income:


Under $80000 per annum: $100 for 50 minutes.


Over $80000 per annum: $120 for 50 minutes.


Relationship & Marriage Counselling


My fees for couples counselling is $150 and goes for 50 minutes.


Psychoanalytic Therapy


As the analytic process can involve multiple sessions per week, the fees can be negotiated between us during our appointment times


With new clients and couples that I work with, I like to set aside additional time if possible in the beginnings of our work together, so that we can explore the issues and get a feel for the work we can do together and appointments may go longer than 55 minutes in duration.



I offer counselling, psychotherapy & psychoanalytic therapy

for individuals and relationship & marriage counselling for couples in Melbourne.


I am a counsellor and psychoanalytic psychotherapist working with individuals and couples in private practice in Carlton, Melbourne.

Counselling & Psychotherapy