Counselling & Psychotherapy

People seek out counselling & psychotherapy for a variety of reasons.

Like people themselves, these reasons are as unique and highly specific to the individuals’ personal history, their cultural, historical and familial upbringing, their journey through their lives and the people they meet along the way.

Some people seek counselling and psychotherapy because they may feel trapped in repeating painful and self-defeating patterns in their lives that stop them from feeling satisfied and connected with people in a personally fulfilling way. Others come to work through difficulties they face in their intimate and/or personal relationships or encounter complications in their sexual life.

Some individuals come wanting help with specific emotional difficulties that can arise such as depression, generalized anxiety or panic attacks, compulsive and addictive behaviours. Others come for help with psychosomatic symptoms or are seeking to come to terms with a painful loss or traumatic personal history.

As the evident complexities of everyday life become more apparent, the difficulties and conflicts that these can create can intrude into our lives in significant and sometimes, debilitating ways. It is in this way that the therapeutic relationship and process can be of great assistance to you.

It is the intimate and revealing process that begins with our therapeutic relationship can help you work through and come to a new way of understanding and relating to your personal history and inner conflicts that can alleviate the suffering these can cause.

My Therapeutic Approach 

I use a non-directive, supportive and empathic approach to encourage individuals to speak freely as possible about what is on their minds and through this process, we maybe lead to look at the many different areas and aspects of your life in which difficulties and problems emerge.

Together we can explore all the aspects of your experience in the world in an intimate and supportive way, including your difficulties, fears, desires, dreams, relationships and concerns. Working together to explore and understand your experience is a healing process that can help you rework the way you relate to yourself, your personal history and your personal relationships in the world.

The therapeutic relationship that develops during our work together can help you to make deep and long lasting internal transformations. These can assist you to have more fulfilling relationships, make more effective use of your talents and abilities, tolerate a wider range of emotions, have more satisfying sexual experiences, understand yourself and others in more nuanced and sophisticated ways, and face life’s challenges with greater freedom and flexibility.

Paul Reid – Counselling & Psychotherapy
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I offer counselling, psychotherapy & psychoanalytic therapy

for individuals and relationship & marriage counselling for couples in Melbourne.


I am a counsellor and psychoanalytic psychotherapist working with individuals and couples in private practice in Carlton, Melbourne.

Counselling & Psychotherapy