Internet Pornography Counselling in Melbourne

Internet Pornography Counselling in Melbourne

Masturbation, unlike most subject matters, is a topic that is rarely spoken about among people in everyday life and is an aspect of life that remains private to the individual. Even between lovers, this subject is seldom a topic of conversation and the fantasy of the masturbatory act is something that is rarely discussed or shared between intimate partners.

Within the cybernetic world of the Internet, the fantasy life of the individual that usually remains hidden can find the images and videos that are tailored to every form of sexual fantasy that are in a categorized format and are instantly accessible to anyone.

With the proliferation of pornography on the Internet and the wide spread accessibility of devices that can access these images instantaneously, internet pornography has caused many problems not only for the usually male individual involved in this behavior but also for their social life, work life, personal life and their sexual and romantic relationships.

Unlike my previous blog on this subject, which I recommend reading as well if you are thinking about getting therapeutic help for pornography addiction, this one will be looking a little deeper into the specifics around pornography addiction and how the therapeutic process can help you to work through the addictive compulsive behaviour of internet pornography addiction.

Easy Accessibility is the Problem?

The Internet provides something for everyone in the realm of pornography. As many people who have come to me to for help for pornography addiction, the easy accessibility of pornography becomes problematic and they feel that it is an issue of accessibility that is the problem. However, the easy accessibility is only a small part of the picture and their own attempts of trying to restrict their own access have little effect to stopping the compulsive behaviour.

The Fantasy  Life: Between the Individual and The Screen

This is because the problem obviously does not reside in the accessibility of internet pornography but within a number of factors that are outside of that issue. One of these factors is the fixation of some of the fantasies that produce a form of sexual satisfaction. The enactment of fantasy with pornography is filled with pleasure and instant gratification but also other negative emotions that come along side this source of pleasure.

The type of sexual satisfaction that is produced through the hours of trawling the internet and finally ending in climax, is the type of satisfaction that can cause many problems for the individual involved and also for their significant other.

The usually secretive nature of this compulsive behaviour and the nature of the fantasies and pleasure produced is filled with guilt, self-hatred and other destructive emotions about what they are doing, which has sometimes immediate or prolonged negative effects on their romantic and personal life. In some cases, this has lead to relationship and martial breakdowns once this secretive behaviour inevitably comes out.

How Counselling & Psychotherapy Can Help

The fantasies between the individual and images on the screen that produces sexual satisfaction becomes difficult for the individual struggling with pornography addiction to leave behind. Although many have tried to stop their behaviour by trying to place limits on their accessibility to internet pornography and tried to create various strategies to curb their behaviour, the compulsive action doesn’t cease to stop and sometimes, the threats of their partners and their own wish for mastery over their compulsion aren’t enough for the individual to stop.

The sometimes difficult and confronting work of the therapeutic process can make it possible for the renunciation of this form of satisfaction that is obtained from pornography. As a result of the therapeutic work, you can leave this compulsion behind you and the emergence of the other forms of satisfaction can become possible in your life again.

I have worked with many individuals who have been struggling with internet pornography addiction in their lives. If you or possibly your partner is looking for help with this, please get in touch with me either via phone or email.

Internet Pornography Counselling in Melbourne
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