Psychoanalysis Melbourne

Psychoanalysis is a method for the investigation of the Unconscious and a specialized technique and approach to the treatment of human suffering of all kinds, which includes the many forms of psychopathology that are described in our common psychiatric and popular language today and other forms of suffering that simply cannot be labeled and placed under a simple, observable description of behaviour.

As the unconscious is always producing its effects through various forms, we come to recognize its representations and manifestations in the production of symptoms that can appear in the body (unexplainable physical pains and sensations that don’t have a organic cause) and mind (obsessional and intrusive thoughts), in the gaps of self knowledge, parapraxis (slips of the tongue), unsuccessful/self-defeating acts and in the production of dreams and fantasies, amongst others.

Although we all experience certain manifestations of the unconscious in our everyday lives, we seldom take notice of these or more commonly, use methods and behaviors (sometimes destructively) to help push aside those manifestations that cause suffering and pain.

Unlike the certain forms of therapy that takes each psychological symptom and explains it away in a generalized sense, psychoanalysis takes each individuals symptom and expression of the unconscious as something unique to the individual, as something that is not separate from their history and experience and that has a knowledge unknown to them.

Psychoanalysis Melbourne

Like other forms of therapy, there are a number of different theoretical and clinical schools of training and education in the formation of a psychoanalyst. My own training and education in my formation has been the in the Lacanian field of psychoanalysis and I have done many years of training, supervision and my own personal psychoanalysis in my own formation to the practice of psychoanalysis.

Is it right for me?

Psychoanalytic treatment is suitable for all individuals and is a highly effective method of therapy and treatment, whether its for the treatment of psychical conflicts or as a way to further your own understanding of who you are.

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